Political Correctness is back

by nkronos on January 29, 2011

Did it every go away? First liberals used the shootings by Jared Loughner as a call to clamp down on political dissent.

Now this idiocy:

“I want an apology at the very least,” said New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a Queens Democrat. “Making fun of any country’s leader is just very disrespectful for someone who says he is a proud American.”

Isn’t it ironic that while our leaders encourage more open expression in Egypt they continue their assault on it here?

Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan makes sexist fun of Sarah Palin, and as usual, the left thinks that’s just a laugh riot. The Network that broadcast Morgan apologized, but not Morgan nor has there been any political fire storm in response.

More to the point, why is Limbaugh’s satire racist and Saturday Night Live‘s portrayal of Hu Jintao not?

None of the left’s attempts to curtail the First Amendment have anything to do with real racism or real threats to law and order. They are the means to silencing political opponents.

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