End game in Egypt

by nkronos on February 3, 2011

Despite the apparent hardening of Mubarak’s position today, his continuing as president of Egypt appears untenable, with the NY Times describing how the Obama administration is trying to grease the wheels for his exit. Interestingly, the proposal the administration is pushing would include a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in the new government.

Nevertheless, as long as VP Suleiman and the army back Mubarak–and he shows stomach for it–the drama may have one or two more scenes before the curtain falls. Judging from his recent pronouncements, however, Mubarak at 82 does not appear to have the stomach for clinging to power. More likely, Suleiman et al want to make sure of their own continued standing before cutting Mubarak loose.

I think it’s safe to say whatever happens now, the current President of Egypt rules in title only. Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak is no longer calling the shots.

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