Shaking the Sheik

Girls gone Bin Laden

by nkronos on May 14, 2011

It’s no great surprise that commandos who killed Osama Bin Laden report the dead terrorist had a considerable stash of pornography at his compound. Recall that some of the September 11 hijackers spent one of their last nights receiving lap dances at the Pink Pony strip club. And lemon-sucking-faced Mohammed Atta evidenced in his last will and testament great concern about his genitals being touched and any women attending his funeral. A suicidal Muslim terrorist is often sexually repressed or at least deprived.

For that matter, Mohammed’s practice of marrying them young continues to this day, sometimes with fatal consequences. And pornography permeates the Muslim world, perhaps even worse than it does the West.

Bin Laden’s mansion gives Hugh Hefner’s a run for skankiest and least sexy fortress of worm burping. On the lighter side, the Kronosphere can report an exclusive scoop of the 10 most watched titles from Bin Laden’s library of lizard love:

  1. Taliban Teasers of Kandahar
  2. Posthumous Uses for Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  3. Is That a Stick of Dynamite Under Your Hijab or Are You Just Glad to See Me?
  4. Two Mullahs for Ukhti Sara
  5. Young Helen Thomas’s Lover
  6. Last Malongo in Mecca
  7. Primary School Girls Gone Wild
  8. Midnight Camelboy
  9. The Harem and the Stuttering Eunuch
  10. Women–and Men–of the IDF

Nothing featuring Sila Sahin, however.

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