Phoenix: Day Two 20 October 2019 Part One

by Carene Lydia Lopez on October 21, 2019

One thing I forgot to mention about the airport is that we had a celebrity sighting. As Denise and I were walking to the elevator to get to her car, we see a blonde woman pushing a luggage cart flanked on either side by younger women and a young man with a walkie-talkie. I do a double-take and see that she notices that I recognize her. I look at Denise who mouths, “Martha Stewart,” and I shake my head yes. We were both not sure at first because despite being an attractive woman, in person she is so much prettier. The cameras do not do her justice.

Saturday afternoon I went to the nearest grocery and bought some of the ingredients I needed for chicken and eggplant parmigiana that Denise did not have in her refrigerator or pantry. Denise got home about 8pm and she, her roommate Jimi, and I had dinner.

Sunday, Denise dropped me off at the Desert Botanical Garden, where I met up with Kate Carmichael, who I have been friends with for almost 20 years online but this would be our first face-to-face meeting. It was lovely afternoon as we strolled throughout the entire garden, while we talked about what was going on in our lives and Kate amazed me with her extensive knowledge of plants.

At the entrance is what is left from a Chihuly exhibit and all over is new exhibit Wild Rising by Cracking Art, which is different animals made out of recycled plastic. The art is controversial because many people do not think that plastic – recycled or not – has a place in a botanical garden. Currently there is a butterfly exhibit as this is the time that the Monarchs are in town.

The tall light green plants are actually Chihuly. The meerkats are the first you see of the Cracking Art exhibit.

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1949

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1957

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1958

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1962

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1964

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1977

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1978

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1950

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1951

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1953

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1983

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1984

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1985

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1986

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1987

I did not realize the saguaro cacti are protected. It takes 50 years to grow each arm.

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1990

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1991

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1993

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1994

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1996

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-1997

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2010

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2011

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2007

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2012

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2013

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2014

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2015

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2016

Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix-20191020-2017

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